R. Crumb's Sex Obsessions Dian Hanson (編集), Robert Crumb (イラスト) 達氏 著 読んだ


They have little to do with the standard procreative urge, Mr. Crumb admits. He has also said he finds nothing more boring than someone else's sexual obsessions, and yet through his long career the world's most famous underground cartoonist has felt compelled to include his own sex fantasies in his art. He explains it as a compulsive catharsis, while fans call Crumb's erotic fantasies the Master at his best. Now Robert Crumb has selected his most intimately revealing comic strips and single page drawings to create a 258 page encyclopedic trip through his sexual psyche. All images were created between 1980 and 2006, and all strips are hand-colored for a lush vibrancy never seen in his comic books. In total the book features 14 complete stories, including My Troubles with Women. If I Were a King. A Bitchin 'Bod, and How to Have Fun with a Strong Girl, as well as 60 single page drawings. The artist admits it's a little scary to see his most fevered obsessions collected end to end like this, but fans will find Robert Crumb's Sex Obsessions a fascinating peek inside an often tortured, always brilliantly talented mind.

The artist: Robert Crumb was born in Philadelphia in 1943 and was encouraged by his older brother Charles to draw comics in childhood. He credits his mid-'6os LSD use with turning him to the underground style that made his fame, best illustrated in the comics Zap, Snatch, Big Ass, Weirdo, and Hup. He has released scores of books, including TASCHEN's Sex Obsessions (2007), and is the subject of the biographical film Crumb (1994). He lives in France with his wife. Aline Kominsky-Crumb. The editor: Dian Hanson produced a variety of men's magazines from 1976 to 2001. Including Juggs, Outlaw Biker and Leg Show, before becoming TASCHEN's Sexy Book editor. Her 60+ books for TASCHEN include The Art of Pin-up and Psychedelic Sex. She lives in Los Angeles.

引用 終わり

・The Snoid Goes Bohemian
・"Dahling,Whata You-"
・”Don,t Try to be Witty"
・Yeah Yeah Yeah
・What,s His Problem?
・My Troubles With Women,Part 2
・From My Secret Life
・If I Were a King・・・(This is Boring)
・"Boop Boop-A-Doop!"
・Shameles Comics
・They,re Like Us and Yet They,re Not
・Overeheated Imagination
・The Mighty Power Fems
・”Lord ,I haven,t Been Such a Good Man"
・If I Where a King ("Tee Hee Hee Hee Hee")
・Big Sad Eyes
・Kitchy Kitchy
・Do your Worst
・Aw ,Poor Baby!
・Big Healthy Girl
・If I Were A King
・Oh Bear Me Away
・The Psycho-Sexual Factor
・View of the Amazon
・The Female Body
・Aline,s Dream
・The Ride,s Over
・The Meeting
・We Went For a Hike in the Country
・I Used to Have This Girlfriend
・Human Sexuality is so Complicated!
・Devil Girl in a State
・The Story o,My Life!
・”Memories Are Made of This!"
・Club Zayante
・The Amazing Dian Hanson
・Dian Hanson,s Abdominal Muscles
・The Curse of the Fetish Obsession
・”Not a Word More Was Said・・・”
・He,s Natural Man
・Championship Wrestling
・A Bitchin, Bod
・When I was Young I was quite Romantic
・Divine Source of Female Power
・Ol,s Picasso
・The Harmless Nut
・Unspeakably Obscene Thought
・Barnyard Comics
・You Can,t Have Them All
・The Helicopter Girl
・Dream of Dian Hanson
・Patricia Pig,s Eating Disorder
・”My Little Pony"
・Naked Women Magazing
・Giant Paleolithic Hunter-Warrior Women
・Bad Karma
・Strong Girl
・Super Duck
・San Francisco,1973
・Sanfrancisci、1973ーShe Looked Up・・・
・Yes,It,s All True
・Is Crumb a Bum?
・I was Raised to be a Christian

crumb氏の、エロについての強迫観念による妄想 の話の短編集。