Virtual Reality Insider: Guidebook for the VR Industry (English Edition) Kindle版 Sky Nite 氏 (著) 読んだ


2nd Edition (September 2015):
Are you aware that virtual reality is about to be as explosive a technology as the Internet or smartphones? Are you working in the VR industry, or curious to find out more about it? VR Insider is an overview and guidebook for consumer virtual reality. For the industry veteran, it is the perfect book to stir up new ideas and see how the big picture fits together. For newcomers to VR, it is the fastest way to catch up on what is happening and figure out how to apply your skills. Affordable virtual reality hardware finally exists, and this book will help you create its content!

A lot has changed in the year since this book was published. This second edition adds 24 pages of new content, updating the information to the latest developments in VR, and incorporating the author's experience starting a VR content company. The time for VR is now!

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