Strongest man 02

He sidesteped at bad man,punch.
It is very fast.

And he punch each other bad men.
It is big power!
Enemys was destroied face,body,they scattered many blood .

Please forgive me!

Enemys apologized mistery man.

Hero speak slowly and low voice.
I forgive you.
Dont do wrong yet!

Bad men run away quickly.

Beautiful woman waht watched this event at near ,
she speak for man of mistery.

You are good!
I want to give
present as graditude!
Are you name?

Man speak her.
I am strongest man.
I want to help those who are in trouble .
It is no wonder it.
I dont recept present.

When he telled it, goes away as if he is wind.

story 1 end

to be continued